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GAS DRILLING RIG INJURY???—Call DLP Gas Drilling/Gas Truck Accident Trial Team

The gas drilling trial team at DLP continues to fight for workers and victims injured in gas drilling and gas truck accidents.  Just because gas drilling activities have slowed down, the DLP Team continues to work anticipating a surge in new gas drilling rigs and increase in gas truck traffic in the near future.  As further proof that the gas industry is gearing up for increased drilling, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports today that the Pittsburgh Airport Authority entered into a potential $500 million contract for gas drilling rights to it’s property.  Up front payment is  $50 million.  Royalties will be paid at  18%.   Big money in anticipation of significant drilling and large earnings.

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Joe Price

Joe Price / E-mail: Joe Price

Joe Price is a trial lawyer serving Northeast Pennsylvania for the past thirty years. He is Board certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and Pennsylvania Super Lawyer. Attorney Price has successfully tried many diverse cases including cases against General Motors, Dollar General, Pennsylvania Department of State and numerous insurance carriers.