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DLP GAS DRILLING RIG/ GAS TRUCK ACCIDENT TEAM Gears Up For Increased Natural Gas Drilling and More Accidents

Many people continue to comment on the lack of natural gas drilling traffice–both on the roads and at the airports—over the past year.   Naysayers are claiming that the Marcellus Shale gas boom is over and that the entire event was over-hyped.   Environmental watchdogs know better as do gas industry leaders.  Once the price of natural gas stabilizes and increases, gas drilling along with all the traffic will reappear.   For proof, look to today’s Pittsburgh Post Gazzette which reports that Shell Oil and Gas is constructing a nwe  50 mile gathering pipeline in Western Pennsylvania at a cost of over  $600 million!!   Shell would never make this type of infrastructure investment if the natural gas boom was over.   The new pipeline will connect to a transport pipeline that will carry the natural gas across state to Marcus Hook at the Philadelphia Port.

Unfortunately will more gas drilling will come more tragic accidents and injuries to workers and innocent victims.  The  13  Trial Lawyers at DLP have a law firm that is big enough and has the resources to fight with big companies and their lawyers and insurance carriers.  DLP has successfully handled many cases resulting in millions of dollars in recoveries for its clients.  Injury???  Call DLP!!

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Joe Price

Joe Price / E-mail: Joe Price

Joe Price is a trial lawyer serving Northeast Pennsylvania for the past thirty years. He is Board certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and Pennsylvania Super Lawyer. Attorney Price has successfully tried many diverse cases including cases against General Motors, Dollar General, Pennsylvania Department of State and numerous insurance carriers.