Representing Gas Drilling Rig/gas Truck Accident Victims Requires Hard Work And Dedication–dlp—no Gas Drilling In New York Anytime Soon!!!

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The Gas Drilling Rig/Gas Truck Accident Trial Team at DLP continues to fight for workers and innocent victims.  DLP is dedicated to securing the largest awards for its clients.  DLP has already recovered millions of dollars for workers and victims of accidents throuighout the Marcellus Shale Regions.   DLP is ready to help all clients immediately.  DLP has the skill and resources to fight for the injured and killed.

Meanwhile, in natural gas drilling/fracking news it does not look like fracking will be coming to New York soon.  The Governor just announced that he will wait for health studies currently undertaken in Pennsylvania to be completed.  As reported previously on this blog, Pennsylvania studies are at least a year away from completion.  New york residents and gas drilling companies are becoming frustrated and are threatening legal action to lift the gas drilling moratorium.  Stay tuned!!

Where are PA Marcellus Shale Gas Sites?

drilled pa marcellus shale wellDrilled Well permitted pa marcellus shale wellPermitted Well Full Screen Map

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