The economy is roaring back.  The stock market is at record highs.  Unemployment numbers released today are at the lowest levels in years.  Reports note that Americans have finally recovered the $16 trillion lost in value after the 2008 crash.  All of this is great news for the natural gas drilling industry.  Insiders are predicting a boom in natural gas and oil drilling in the USA.   The impact of an improving economy will be positively felt in the entire Marcellus Shale region.

Of course with increased natural gas drilling will come an increase in GAS DRILLING RIG  and  GAS TRUCK ACCIDENTS.  The Team of Trial Lawyers at DLP is ready to help.  Recent settlement range from  $14 MILLION to  $400,000 in Gas Drilling related cases.   DLP is representing numerous gas drilling workers hurt on the job.   Remember–INJURY?—CALL DLP!!}

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