Gas Drilling Accident Lawyer Talks About Natural Gas Prices Falling | Article Looks At Water Safety

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Natural Gas Drilling activities have slowed in the Marcellus Shale Region primarily due to an over supply of natural gas, increased reserves and a mild winter.  The price of natural gas on the open market recently reached a  10  year low.  Natural gas reserves now total more than the total volume of natural gas used nationwide over a  one month period.   On the environmental side of the fracking issue, John Robinson has authored an interesting article for today’s Oil And Gas Journal   The article takes a very readable approach to describing actual and perceived problems with the fracking process, especially ground water issues.  Mr. Robinson explains the concerns and offers reasonable suggestions for the natural gas drilling industry for addressing frack drilling issues and educating the public on the actual drilling process.   The  13  Trial Lawyers at DLP continue to follow these and other issues in Gas Drilling Country while representing seriously injured people involved in WORK ACCIDENTS,  GAS DRILLING ACCIDENTS,  CAR CRASHES,  TRUCK ACCIDENTS,  QUARRY ACCIDENTS and other serious accidents in the SCRANTON/WILKES BARRE and NEPA region.

Where are PA Marcellus Shale Gas Sites?

drilled pa marcellus shale wellDrilled Well permitted pa marcellus shale wellPermitted Well Full Screen Map

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