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Retirement In A Pennsylvania Work Injury Case

In Pennsylvania, if an injured worker voluntarily withdraws from the labor market, the employer can seek to suspend the payment of workers compensation wage loss benefits. Likewise, if an injured worker retires voluntarily, the employer can utilize evidence of the retirement as grounds to stop paying weekly workers compensation wage loss checks. Pennsylvania courts have […]

Working For a Pennsylvania Employer But Injured On The Job Out-Of-State

Question: I work for a business located in Pennsylvania. I travel for my job. I was injured on the job but my injury occurred out-of-state. Can I receive benefits on a Pennsylvania workers comp claim? Answer: It will depend on the facts and your work situation. The Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act applies to all injuries that […]

Seven Days Of Disability- Threshold Requirement In Pa. Workers Compensation

SEVEN. As in SEVEN days. Seven is the number of days one must be disabled from work in order to collect workers compensation wage loss benefits in Pennsylvania. For example, lets’ say that Joe injures his back at work on Monday, December 1, 2015. Joe reports the injury to his supervisor who sends Joe to the […]

Facial Injuries In A Pa. Work Injury Case

Bobby worked for the ABC Warehouse and Ladder Company for over twenty years without ever sustaining an injury. Unfortunately, Bobby’s luck ran out he was struck in the mouth by a ladder causing Bobby to lose five of his front teeth and a nasty gash from his upper lip to his cheek. As a result of […]

Slip and Fall- Work Injury?

Question: I applied for a job at (name omitted). When I was leaving my job interview, the elevator in the building was being serviced so I had to take the stairs. As I was going down the stairs, the handrail broke away from the wall causing me to fall. I injured my back and twisted my knee. I […]

“Work From Home” Work Injury- Can You Collect Workers Comp?

George was employed as a sales manager with Spacely Enterprises. He worked three days per week at Spacely’s Scranton, Pa. office and worked at home, in his basement office, two days per week. While working at home one day, George received a work-related telephone call from his boss, Mr. Spacely, while he was upstairs drinking a glass of […]

Can Someone Collect Both Workers Comp and Social Security?

Leo had sustained a serious back injury while working and had been collecting Workers’ Compensation benefits for about one year. Despite several surgeries, Leo’s back was not improving and it was unlikely that he could return to work at any type of gainful employment. To make matters worse, Leo had also developed other problems including arthritis in his shoulder, […]

Injured On The Job? What Can I Collect?

Question: I was offered a lump sum payment to settle my workers compensation claim. I’m back to work and I haven’t seen a doctor for the injury in over two years. I talked to the representative from the insurance company several times and their latest offer seems fair to me. But I just talked to […]

Medical Complications in a Work Injury Case

Ed was employed as a professor at a local university. Part of Ed’s job duties involved mentoring and advising students seeking degrees in the school’s graduate program. One Fall day, Ed attended a lunch meeting with a doctoral candidate to discuss his thesis. When getting up from the table, Ed tripped and fell injuring his […]

Reducing Workers Compensation Benefits

If you have been injured at work and are collecting wage loss benefits under the Pa. Workers Compensation Act, your right to benefits may be reduced by receipt of other forms of benefits. For example, your workers compensation benefits may be reduced if you also receive unemployment benefits, severance benefits, pension benefits, and Social Security retirement […]