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Medical Complications in a Work Injury case

Donald was working for his employer, MNOP Construction, at a job site in Pennsylvania when he suffered a terrible fall fracturing his hip. Unfortunately, complications set in and Donald had to have his hip replaced. During the hip replacement surgery, Donald developed a pulmonary embolism which eventually led to a stroke leaving Donald partially paralyzed. Had he not […]

Car Accident Work Injury- Can I Collect on Both Claims?

Question: I was injured in a car accident. I was working at the time and collected workers compensation. I also sued the other driver who caused the accident. I’m told that I need to pay back the workers comp carrier when I settle the car accident case. Is that so? Anonymous, Old Forge, Pa. Answer: Under […]

The Importance of Reporting a Work Injury

Question: I work at an auto repair shop and I injured my hand when a torque wrench snapped. At first, it seemed like the injury would be minor. My boss told me that I could do some work in the office that would not require me to use my injured hand. He also has me running […]

When Is an Injury at Work Not a Work Injury??

Bob was hired by the XYZ Promotions to work for the weekend at a charity golf tournament in Clarks Summit. Bob’s job was to watch over a new SUV that was being offered as a prize to hitting a hole-in-one at the tournament. The SUV was displayed under a tent on the 4th hole at […]

Payment Of Medical Bills in a Workers Comp Case

Question: I injured my back at work 2 years ago. I was only out of work a few weeks and I was paid workers compensation for that time. I then settled my wage loss case for a lump sum. But the settlement deal included the understanding that the insurance carrier would continue to pay my […]

Undocumented Resident In A Workers Compensation Case

Typically, an injured workers status as an undocumented alien worker will not preclude him from receiving disability benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. However, in situations where it is established that the injured worker/undocumented alien is capable of performing some work, even at the most sedentary level capacity, the employer is entitled to a […]

Returning to Work After a Pennsylvania Work Injury

Question: I got hurt at work. I worked on the production floor packing equipment for shipment. The workers compensation insurance company sent me a bunch of papers that talked about a low back injury. I am receiving workers comp checks. They sent me to a doctor who says that I can go back to work light duty. […]

Workers Comp- Review Of Payment Of Medical Bills

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court has determined that a medical provider’s failure to provide a password to access medical records contained on a CD-ROM amounts to non-compliance with a medical records request and supports a finding that the treatment that was the subject of a Utilization Review (UR) was not reasonable or necessary. In Shaw v. […]

Getting Fired After Returning to Work

Question: I was injured at work in 2013. I went back to work in the Spring of 2014 and my weekly workers comp checks stopped.  I got fired last month for “insubordination” because I got into an argument with my supervisor and I cursed him out. Can I now go back on workers comp and receive […]

Scranton Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Lawyer- Work Injury Lawyer

You Live in Scranton and you’re hurt at work. What’s your next step. Pennsylvania courts have determined that a work injury may be sustained in the “course of employment” under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act where the employee is injured on or off the employer’s premises while actually engaged in furtherance of the employer’s business […]