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Dlp Trial Lawyers Fight For Carbon Monoxide Victims In Lackawanna County Pennsylvania

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Over the past several years the trial lawyers at DLP have handled serious cases for clients overcome by carbon monoxide.  Many times the original “minor” injuries subside soon after exposure.  Following blood work, Oxygen over saturation and bariatric chamber confinement are common treatments. However, depending on the amount of exposure incurred, long term memory, heart,… Read more »

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Truck Accidents And How They Affect You If Involved

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Big rigs have the lion’s share of freight transport in the United States. Millions of trucks hit the road every year, delivering food, raw materials for manufacturers and household goods. Even though it is possible for automobiles and commercial trucks to co-exist on the roadway, personal injury from the crushing blow of a big rig… Read more »

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Injury? Call Dlp- Attorney Tom Cummings- Summer Driving Tips

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With the summer vacation season now upon us, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers some helpful hints to make summer travel safe, efficient and enjoyable. We should all be sure to follow safe driving rules and to avoid distractions that could impair our driving abilities and increase the cahnce of an accident. A… Read more »

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Bogus Case Shows Importance Of Proof In Personal Injury Suits

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The recent case in which a chiropractor admitted to falsifying statements in a personal injury case may make some people doubt the personal injury legal industry as a whole. However, it’s not that personal injury lawsuits themselves are bogus: What is important is having real proof of your claims. In the case in question, a… Read more »


Is The School Responsible If My Child Is Injured On The Premises?

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If your child is injured at school, legal responsibility depends on how and where the injury occurred. Whether you can seek compensation from the school for your child’s injuries depends on the particular circumstances related to the incident. Was the Act Negligent or Intentional? Intentional An intentional tort may include one child bullying another causing… Read more »