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Medical Complications in a Work Injury Case

Ed was employed as a professor at a local university. Part of Ed’s job duties involved mentoring and advising students seeking degrees in the school’s graduate program. One Fall day, Ed attended a lunch meeting with a doctoral candidate to discuss his thesis. When getting up from the table, Ed tripped and fell injuring his […]

Reducing Workers Compensation Benefits

If you have been injured at work and are collecting wage loss benefits under the Pa. Workers Compensation Act, your right to benefits may be reduced by receipt of other forms of benefits. For example, your workers compensation benefits may be reduced if you also receive unemployment benefits, severance benefits, pension benefits, and Social Security retirement […]


In Pennsylvania the long standing policy is that an employer can terminate an employee at any time, for any reason or for no reason whatsoever. Henry vs. Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad, 139 Pa. 289 1891. This doctrine is still the law in Pennsylvania although over time exceptions have been carved out. The Pennsylvania Supreme […]

Unable To Work- Can I Qualify For Social Security Disability?

Question: I am unable to work due to several medical issues. My past work experience was very strenuous and required a lot of heavy lifting. I can’t do that anymore. Will I be eligible for Social Security disability benefits? C.P., Towanda, Pa. Answer: To qualify for Social Security disability (SSDIB) benefits, you must establish several things. […]

A Small Cut Leads To Big Problems: Will Workers Compensation Be Responsible?

Question: I suffered a small cut on my finger at work last month. My boss was in the room when it happened.  I went to the company nurse who cleaned the cut and gave me a band-aid. No paperwork was filled out because it semed like no big deal. Well now the cut is infected. It’s […]

Job Offer After Injury at Work?

So you’re injured on the job in Pennsylvania. You report the injury, you get medical treatment and you start to receive your workers compensation benefit checks. Thankfully, your condition improves. Your doctor says that you can transition back to work with light duty work restrictions on a part-time basis. Your boss has been very supportive […]

Do you have a family member in a nursing home whose rights you want to protect?

If so, please read the article and sign the Petition below to support legislation to ban forced arbitration in nursing homes.   Sean P. McDonough, Esq. of the law firm of DLP specializes in representing the victims of Nursing Home Abuse and their families.

Medical Complications in a Work Injury case

Donald was working for his employer, MNOP Construction, at a job site in Pennsylvania when he suffered a terrible fall fracturing his hip. Unfortunately, complications set in and Donald had to have his hip replaced. During the hip replacement surgery, Donald developed a pulmonary embolism which eventually led to a stroke leaving Donald partially paralyzed. Had he not […]

Car Accident Work Injury- Can I Collect on Both Claims?

Question: I was injured in a car accident. I was working at the time and collected workers compensation. I also sued the other driver who caused the accident. I’m told that I need to pay back the workers comp carrier when I settle the car accident case. Is that so? Anonymous, Old Forge, Pa. Answer: Under […]

The Importance of Reporting a Work Injury

Question: I work at an auto repair shop and I injured my hand when a torque wrench snapped. At first, it seemed like the injury would be minor. My boss told me that I could do some work in the office that would not require me to use my injured hand. He also has me running […]