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Social Security- Spousal Benefits

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A person may be eligible to receive benefits as a divorced spouse on a former spouse’s Social Security record if he or she: is at least 62 years old, is unmarried, was married to the former spouse for at least 10 years, and is not entitled to receive a higher amount of Social Security benefits… Read more »

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Marcellus Shale Drilling News From Dlp

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Some mixed news this week from the natural gas fields of Pennsylvania and elsewhere: –Today, Oklahoma officials announced that studies prove that oil and fracking waste injection wells do indeed cause earthquakes.  Not unexpected considering the quakes registered over the past several years in Oklahoma, Ohio and Texas. –Two companies from Thailand and Japan are… Read more »

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Scranton Clarks Summit Archbald Work Injury- Workers Compensation

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Adam injured his left arm while lifting heavy widgets at work with his employer, Scott Manufacturing Company. The employer acknowledged the injury and began paying Adam workers compensation wage loss benefits as Adam was unable to work. Fortunately, Adam received excellent medical care and was released to return to work without restriction by his doctor about… Read more »

Proposed Bill to Protect Ohio Seniors From Abuse

Proposed Bill To Protect Ohio Seniors From Abuse

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With reports that 1 in 10 seniors have been abused or neglected every year according to The National Center for Elderly Abuse, Ohio senators are considering a bill that would improve the tracking and prevention of elder abuse. This bill would include more legal definitions in the term elder abuse and also enlarge the number… Read more »

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The United States Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) was created by Congress in 1970. OSHA’s goal is to assure safety in the workplace for working men and women by setting, maintaining and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance to employers and their workers. OSHA is administered by… Read more »